With an increase in high-rise living, it comes as no surprise that roof gardens are becoming increasingly popular. The DOgrass artificial grass range can help you give your outdoor space that natural aesthetic beauty and is easy to install! Whether it be your balcony, urban garden or rooftop you can enjoy a low-maintenance, hassle-free, green environment.

By adding artificial grass to your balcony or terrace, you’re creating the perfect space to relax and unwind. Artificial turf can transform any rooftop, terrace, patio or tired decking to create a tranquil outdoor surrounding for you to enjoy.

Perfect for Balconies & Terraces

Sample Florida Feeling 2.0

Sample Florida Feeling 2.0

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When it comes to balconies, space can be limited, therefore it’s essential to use every single inch of your property wisely. So why not turn your balcony into an area that is usable all year round, as well as bring pleasing to the eye and a place to relax? Combine DOgrass artificial grass with creative planting and colourful pots to truly enhance your outdoor space.

Artificial grass on decking

Are the boards on your decking starting to look a little worn? Are they in need a good revamp? Then DOgrass artificial grass is the solution. Quick and easy to install, our artificial grass will transform any dull and unused area into a space that can be enjoyed 365 days a year.

The artificial turf can easily be fitted and secured to the decking using nails or artificial grass adhesive.

Artificial grass on patios and paving

When you think of artificial grass, you tend to think that it is installed to replace only existing garden lawns but think again as artificial grass can be installed on top of terraces, patios, paving and practically any hard surface.

Artificial grass is a fantastic option to transform any old, tired concrete area as  it's quick, easy and cheap to install on any hard surface or existing patio area; making it the ideal surface solution to revamp your dull, often unused, outdoor space.

Give your balcony/terrace a make-over!

Order your favorite DOgrass-quality today! Our prices vary from 8 to 65€ per m2.

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