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  • Can artificial grass withstand chlorine?

    Yes, chlorine will have no effect on your artificial grass. Designed to be durable and reliable, it can withstand heavy use and will give you a great looking pool area all year round!

  • Is artificial turf environmentally friendly?

    Yes and there are many benefits to having the product : less water, no electrical use or petrol fumes from lawnmowers and no need for pesticides, weed killers or other harmful chemicals in your garden- evidence suggests that production and use of these chemicals contributes as much as 8% towards global warming! The grass may be plastic but it is not a single use plastic and is designed to last for years to come!

  • Can fake grass be recycled?

    Yes, all our fake grass can be recycled as it is made up of different types of plastics. Once recycled the artificial grass can be turned into other products.

  • Is artificial grass flammable?

    All our DOgrass products are tested to determine fire behaviour to EN ISO 9239-1 standards. Our artificial grass will not ignite if exposed to flame/heat but will melt if it comes into contact with hot objects such as BBQ's. To prevent your artificial grass from melting, hot objects must be kept away and positioning of outdoor ornaments and mirrors should be considered due to the reflection of the sun.

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