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Below is a step-by-step artificial grass installation guide for you to follow to help you create your perfect lawn. There are alternative ways to install artificial grass which can be dependent on materials available and ground conditions but do get in touch if you’re unsure. Let’s get started!

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Step 1 - Remove the Existing Surface & Compact

When installing artificial grass you always remove the turf and topsoil first. Depending on the ground conditions and drainage, you may need to excavate up to 100mm. This can be done by hand or to make life easier, using a turf cutter. Compact the base using a roller or vibrating plate.

Step 2 - Edge the Area and Level Sub-Base

For this, you can use either treated timber, steel edging or brick/block paving. You can get all these from your local DIY store or builders merchant. Distribute 50-70mm of Type 1/MOT, level and compact using a vibrating plate. Secondly, distribute 20-30mm of Granite Dust and level at the top of your edging. We would recommend watering this to keep the dust down before ensuring this is thoroughly compacted with a vibrating plate.

Step 3 - Weed Membrane

Following the same process as before, overlap the edges of your membrane to ensure weeds cannot penetrate between two pieces. You can use galvanised U-pins to hold the membrane in place.

If you have any pets that will be using the lawn, please do not add membrane at this step as this can potentially trap nasty odours from urine.


Step 4 - Rolling out your DOgrass Product

Nearly there! Place the grass in position and roll it out with the pile direction leaning towards your property or main viewing point so that it looks more natural. If you have more than one roll of artificial grass then ensure the pile direction is facing the same way on both pieces. Leave the artificial grass to settle for a minimum of a few hours.

Step 5 - Joining the Artificial Grass

Firstly, line up both pieces of grass parallel with each other ensuring that the pile direction is facing the same way. Fold back both artificial grass pieces to reveal the latex backing. Cut off 2-3 stitches from each part of the grass. Fold the grass back down and check there is a consistent gap between the two pieces- no greater than 3-5mm. Fold the grass back to reveal the latex backing again. Roll out the joining tape (shiny side down) between the two rolls. 

Apply glue evenly across the tape. Starting at one end, fold the two lengths of your artificial turf back over so they stick to the tape- pressing down firmly. 

Take care not to get grass fibres stuck in the glue; to prevent this we recommend making sure you are happy with the position of your grass and visibility of your join before using the glue.

Trim your artificial grass to the area your looking to lay. Then secure the boundary perimeter using either galvanised nails, galvanised U-pins or glue depending on your chosen edging.

Step 6 - Brush Up the Artificial Grass

The grass is laid but it may be flat from being rolled up, so grab a stiff broom or power brush and brush against the pile to bring the artificial grass fibres upright. 

Finally, grab yourself a drink and admire your new lawn!

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