You want an artificial lawn, but you’re not sure how to choose the best artificial grass? We get it. Finding the perfect type of fake grass can feel like a significant challenge. But there’s no need to worry. You only need to know three things: your budget, your requirements of the grass and how you want it to look.

Application and use of artificial grass

Although artificial grass is very versatile, your turf’s application and use can help you determine the best fake grass that suits your needs. This is because different types of artificial grass are manufactured for different requirements. Some grass types are hard-wearing to withstand heavy use, while others are made to feel super soft for more casual use.

Look and Feel of Artificial Grass

You want your grass to look great all year round that's why- next to the price and the application - the look and feel of your artificial lawn is a significant factor. The look and feel of fake grass depends on several properties such as pile height, colour and yarn thickness.

For most domestic installations people want as natural-looking artificial grass as possible so it looks just like the real thing. However, if the artificial grass is used for sports or heavy use areas then the aesthetics may be less critical.

The feel of the artificial grass can depend on the product's yarn thickness and pile height.- The finer the yarn and longer the pile height, the softer the grass.

The look is important, but we believe it’s critical to make sure our customers get long-lasting use from the artificial grass they choose. 

You can filter our grasses based on price range, application and pile height. After doing so, you’ll have a selection that fits your basic needs.

Artificial Grass Price

People often ask ‘How much does artificial grass cost?’ That’s a tough question as the price depends on several things:

  • The amount of grass you need; 
  • The thickness; 
  • The pile height. 

Artificial turf always receives a price per square meter. If you have a limited budget, you can best determine how much you want to spend on the total area in square meters. Now you know how much you can spend per square metre, which makes it easy to filter out the fake grass cost and, more importantly, which ones cost the most.

Want to make sure you pick the right grass?

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