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Our artificial grass is made of the highest quality synthetic fibres and is carefully constructed to make it look as natural as possible. 
There are different types of artificial grass available on the market, which means that you’ll be able to choose the best artificial grass to suit your project.

In this guide, we explain the three types of materials which are used to make artificial turf, including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and Nylon.

Types of artificial grass 

Nylon artificial grass

Artificial grass made with nylon is better protected against the elements compared to polypropylene grass. Nylon is a strong type of plastic fibre. So, if you're looking for an artificial lawn that can withstand children and pets, consider nylon grass. It can withstand very high temperatures and excessive weight, while still retaining its original shape.

Polyethylene artificial grass

This is what we have at DOgrass!

Polyethylene artificial turf has a natural look and a texture that's soft to the touch like real grass. Though it is more expensive than other types of artificial turf, it looks much more natural and is significantly more durable. 
Artificial turf that is made of polyethylene is ideal for use on many applications, including landscaping, outdoor play areas, and pool surrounds.

Polypropylene artificial grass

Although polypropylene grass will usually be your cheapest option, it's also the least durable type of artificial grass. As a result, it's best to use this grass in small spots rather than large lawns.

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