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So, you’ve received your artificial grass samples, and now you’ve got the tricky decision of choosing your favourite artificial turf for your garden. With such a wide variety of artificial turf on the market, choosing the best artificial grass isn’t an easy task, and you may have some questions.

In this guide, we explain what the brown curls are in our artificial grass, and the benefits they bring to the artificial turf we manufacture.

What are the brown curls in artificial grass?

The brown curls are referred to as thatch. The thatch is manufactured to be brown for aesthetic purposes. At DOgrass, our artificial grass range is designed to mimic natural grass as closely as possible, which is why we manufacture all our products to include a brown thatch. 

As well as making artificial grass look more realistic, the thatch plays an important role in the quality of the synthetic turf. The thatch helps strengthen an artificial lawn by helping the synthetic grass blades stand up for longer, making the artificial turf more resilient to heavy foot traffic caused by the frequent use of an artificial lawn.

The DOgrass artificial grass range is designed to be as close to real grass as possible. With thick curly thatch and multi-toned grass yarns, they are, without a doubt, the most realistic synthetic turfs available on the market. No other UK company can offer such high-quality artificial grass alongside outstanding value for money. But, don't just take our word for it. Request your FREE samples to see what all the fuss is about!

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