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    €20.95 €15.95
    • UV stable iconUV stable
    • Water permeable iconWater permeable
    • Child friendly iconChild friendly
    • Pet friendly iconPet friendly
    • 8 year warranty icon8 year warranty
    • 26mm pile height icon26mm pile height

    Do you like a lighter shade of green? This option is the best for you! The 31mm long fibers are soft and durable, but lighter in color.

    Artificial grass for dogs

    You want the best for your animals but also want a beautiful garden? Then this artificial grass is ideal for dogs or other pets.

    Request sage sample

    Do you still have doubts about which type of artificial grass to choose? Compare the quality and color at home thanks to our online sample request.

    Artificial grass prices per m²

    All prices on our website include VAT and exclude any additional shipping costs. In addition the prices do not include installation or accessoires.

    In some cases you cannot invoke the right of withdrawal: this when ordering custom goods. Consult our general conditions for more information.

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