When the weather starts to heat up, we often turn our attention to our gardens, looking for ways to make the most of our outdoor space. As an extension to our home in the summer months, many of us invest in stylish outside furniture, such as rattan sofas and dining tables. But, can you place furniture on top of fake grass?

The answer is yes, you can put outdoor furniture on an artificial lawn but there are a few points to consider...

Placing furniture on your synthetic grass is like placing it on a carpet. Before putting your new garden table and chairs on your fake lawn, you’ll need to check that there are no sharp edges on the feet. If the item doesn't have any sharp edges, putting furniture on your luxury artificial turf won't cause tearing or breakage.

Your fake grass will be able to withstand the weight of garden furniture as long as there's nothing sharp enough to cut it. Sharp edges could potentially cut the synthetic fibres or even slice through the latex backing of your fake lawn.

In summary, garden furniture is more than suitable for use on top of astroturf, however, to avoid any permanent damage to your artificial lawn, always check garden furniture for sharp edges. Good quality artificial grass is extremely hardwearing and will be able to cope with frequent foot traffic from children playing and use by dogs and other pets. It will also withstand the demands of entertaining your family and friends with ease, making artificial grass a fantastic investment.

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